Thursday, May 7, 2009

Madonna (in Louis Vuitton) at Met Costume Institute Gala 2009

There are 5 things wrong with this picture. Lets find them:

1. Only 5?
2. She’s grabbing her crotch. On the red carpet. June Dally Watkins would be mortified.
3. Cleaning lady headpiece would most likely work on a Harajuku girl but Madonna is neither Japanese, nor is she a girl, ergo she looks like a cleaning lady.
4. A cleaning lady caught in a gothic hooker 80s time warp. Like money, none of the elements are awful in and of themselves, but putting them together like that is utter fashion abuse. It’s tragic mutton dressed as a schizophrenic lamb.
5. Her steroidal muscles. She looks like she’s about to walk onto the set of Terminator.
6. She looks pleased with herself. Whoever told her she looked good when she was leaving the house is a very bad person.